So far within just 4 weeks of training with Brian, I have managed to get in my best shape ever. And I'm now getting leaner week by week. Brian certainly knows how to train me. And most importantly he knows all about diet and nutrition to advise me of what to eat.


“I’ve trained with BV Fitness for quite a while now and have never felt better or fitter. The results are stunning. I lost a lot of weight, but more importantly, I feel young again. Highly recommended!”


“Since I started training, I stopped smoking and drinking beer. All I look forward now is to my work out with BV Fitness.”


At first I was intimidated by personal training but Brian made me feel comfortable from the first session; he was supportive and motivating. He tailored exercises to my ability and gave diet advice which together has resulted in my weight loss.


The sessions have been hard but definitely worth it. I would recommend Brian as a PT to anyone looking for one, he definitely pushes you and gives you the motivation you need to keep going.


He really gets you motivated to achieve your goals and pushes you as hard as you are willing to achieve them. The one on one session’s along with training programme and diet plan Brian gave me have produced the outcome I was after!


"I had never had a personal training session before so was unsure of what to expect, but Brian soon put me at ease, explaining everything that we were going to work on in detail. This not only included the training itself, but also diet, recovery and even some of the science behind it all.  


Brian is an excellent and skilful trainer, very knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness. Having trained with him for four months the change in my shape and overall health has been fantastic.



I have always weight trained but never had a really had followed a set training program and nutrition plan until I got in contact with Brian. I have to say it was money well invested, as I feel great and best shape Ive been in!


I have been working with Brian for a couple of months now and already the results have been amazing! I feel great and I'm the leanest Ive ever been.I would highly recommend Brian for strength training and Nutrition! 


Brian is cool. He changed me from couch potato into loving going to the gym to lift weights. I never thought I would look forward to a training session...but now I do! Brian has defiantly changed my life for the best!


I have been fortunate enough to have had several personal trainers in the past, but none had given me the results I have been looking for or the inspiration and dedication I needed until I met Brian!


I Brian has helped me so much and I can’t wait to carry on training. I’ve learned so much about my body, eating habits, nutrition and overall exercise that actually work for me. It’s the best decision I made this year and I’m finally so happy with my body


 Brian was amazing giving me a plan, helping me set a goal and all the advice on how to go about it. He really helped me stay motivated and was a fantastic support.

Thanks Brian!


Through Brian's training and nutritional advice I was amazed at the results I achieved and I’m now in the best shape of my life. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone who wants real results. He is a highly dedicated professional 


I’ve gained confidence, I’ve learned about the right foods and I’ve lost weight. I like that I pretty much have 24/7 support and that the sessions fit in well with my job and home life.  If you are ready to change then this is the way forward!”


 I’m pretty pleased with where we’ve got to. If anyone thinks they can’t, they don’t have time, too old, not enough willpower, don’t know where to start.. I said all of that - you absolutely can. Thanks to Brian for his skill and patience


Brian has made me understand the physiological importance of doing the right type of training combined with the good diet. This has resulted in me dropping a dress size within a month of starting training with him; I haven't looked back since! 


I started my personal training with Brian three months ago as a way of getting myself back into some semblance of fitness after too many years of relative inactivity. The sessions have been fantastic. Brian knows just how far to push me to keep me at the optimum limit and he’s kept it all interesting and varied.*


Staying disciplined with my nutrition by eating good whole foods at the right times of the day while training hard when I'm in the gym. Never thought I'd wake up every morning excited to exercise! Thanks Brian!

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